Ludovic, your travel designer

About me

Hi, my name is Ludo, I’m 33 and I live in the 11th district of Paris.

I’ve worked in the media industry, from newspapers to radio station to broader cultural organisations. For me, Paris Offbeat is all about showing you the Paris I know and not the one you find in travel guides. Paris Offbeat introduces a new way of discovering Paris as a tourist, based on authentic cultural exchange.

Why did I create Paris Offbeat?

I was lucky enough to travel across the world in 2012. I chose which countries and cities to visit based on where my friends were expatriated. Thanks to them, I discovered New York, Sydney, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong in a totally different way. Not the way which consists of constantly reading your tourist guide and desperately trying to find your way around. But the way the locals know and roam around their city, knowing it inside out, from where to go to more importantly where NOT to go to avoid looking like a stereotypical tourist.

I never once felt that I was a tourist in those cities thanks to my friends’ advice, and I found that experience utterly exhilarating. So I decided that I should help other people discover my hometown, Paris, in the same way.

And so Paris Offbeat was born!

Why did you chose to offer this authentic Parisian tour?

When I go on holidays, I just don’t want to discover a new city with my head deep down in my printed guide. And I don’t want to follow a guide everywhere like a sheep amongst thousands of other tourists. So I assumed other people would want the same type of holidays I do. During the walking tout, you can ask me all the questions you want. I'm here to share my best tips !



With my help, you’ll be able to enjoy Paris like a local and even end up knowing Paris inside out, just as if you were born here!

So get in touch!

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